Film: 6184

Education | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Film encouraging servicemen and women, post world war two, to become teachers 1940's

Exterior of a Victorian style multi-windowed school with arched doorways, a small fence runs down half of the playground. Boys and girls come running out from separate doorways out onto the playground. The boys wear shorts and blazers, the girls wear skirts or dresses and cardigans. Close-up of the girls running out of the school. Close-up of the boys also running out of the school. Boys and girls wearing coats run over an embankment. Boys wearing shorts and shirts leapfrog over each other in a playing field. Children play in a school playground, three girls skip together while other girls skip in groups. Two young girls sit on the ground by a wall, another does a handstand against the wall. Boys in long trousers and blazers play football with a tennis ball in the school playground. Young boys walk out through a doorway into the school yard, through a small wooden gate, there are many other boys and girls doing the same. View from a building looking down into a street, men, women and children walk past café's and shops. Some children walk over a bridge in the grounds of a country house. The bridge spans a tree-lined river. The same children walk over a metal bridge across railway tracks, a steam train rolls past the camera. A boy and a girl walk down a tree-lined country lane. She wears a dress and blazer and he wears a school cap, blazer and shorts. Two boys in shorts and long trousers approach two house front doors, they open one of the doors, put their jackets inside and then join other boys playing in the street. Two girls and a boy holding books run into a garden and play on two swings that are there. A teenage girl wearing an overcoat and carrying a book tries to open the front door of a house, it is locked so she sits on the doorsteps and reads her book. Three boys wearing school caps, jumpers and shorts run up a pathway where a middle-aged woman lets them into a large brick house.

School children and adults walk through the gates of a school, a policeman is directing traffic and allowing children to cross the road to school. A balding middle-aged man in a suit speaks to a large number of school boys in a playground. The boys file into the building in pairs. A large group of school girls file into the school watced by their teacher. Boys and girls walk along corridors inside the building and file into classrooms. A pamphlet detailing the Education Act of 1944, a hand turns the pages. Children play in the playground of a more modern school. A large group of girls, wearing white shirts and dark shorts jump over a wooden horse in a wooden floored sportshall that has climbing bars on the walls. Girls in white shirts and pinnafore dresses sit in a classroom at wooden desks, a teacher sits at the front, a girl stand and reads from a book. A moddle-aged man talks to a girl in a classroom full of boys and girls. Boys in a woodwork class, a boy in the foreground fits a drillbit into a hand brace. In front of him is a chair lying onits side. A man in a white lab coat talks to the boy about the chair, another boy approaches the man and asks him a question, all the boys wear white aprons. Boys wearing white shirts and blazers in a science lab, they are working on some kind of device, a man in a dark pinstripe suit stands at the front of the class and talks to the boys. Boys sit in a classroom, a teacher and a pupil set up a box film projector. A female teacher talks to boys and girls in a maths lesson. Young children play outside at a nursery school on rocking horses and pretend tea parties. Some more young children play in a large sand pit, they all wear smock aprons. A class of young children sit at their desks outside in the playground, a teacher stands in front of them making movements with her arm, they copy her. A balding middle-aged man sits at a chair and talks to the camera about the opportunities for ex-service men and women in teaching. A white piece of paper on a desk has the words 'Application for Training … Teachers' on it, a hand holding a pen fills in the form. A man in a suit and tie sits at a table filling in the form. The man enters a room with men sitting around a table, they too are wearing suits and ties. A voice-over tells us the man is an ex-naval officer. Footage of sailors and officers sitting on camlels by Egyptian ruins. A woman sits by some very young children who are sitting at tables outside on some grass. A group of service men and women sit in a class learning French. A group of men and women stand in a circle watching a couple dance, they all find partners and begin to dance. A group of servicemen sit in a classroom. A group of service women operate a telephone exchange. A mixed group of service people sit in a class are brushing up for Civvy Street, will they be teachers after demob. Film ends.

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