Film: 6185

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A documentary about bringing up chickens on a traditional farm 1950's

A farmer's daughter in front of a henhouse. A chicken-ladder leads to a small opening/window/door. The girl climbs on a table and opens the door. A cock walks out. The ladder, with 5 or 6 hens walking it down, the cock on top. He walks down as well. Some more hens walk down. The farmyard. Hens walking up and down, in the background the farmhouse. The girl and the farmer's wife come out of the house and start feeding the chickens. many more chickens run on the yard. Girl and farmer's wife, feeding. The chickens, picking the grains, the cock in the centre. The cock, picking grains. The child's hands build a straw-nest in a basket. The child's hands put by and by ten eggs in the basket, arranging them carefully. The hen, sitting in the basket and brooding the eggs. Then hen, in front of the basket, picking grains. She jumps back into the basket. Later... The eggs in the baskets. The chicks hatch. One sits already outside the egg, others still break the eggshells from the inside. The child, taking the chicks out of the nest and putting them into a bucket. The nest with several chicks. They are removed one by one. The broken eggshells are removed. The hen and some chicks in front of the basket, picking grains. Hen and chicks, walking and picking on the yard. Hen and chicks in front of a special bowl filled with water. They drink. Hen and chicks on the yard, picking for grains, insects and earthworms. Hen and chicks in a hollow, picking. Hen and chicks next to a wall. The chicks hide underneath the hen. Hen and chicks in the yard. They walk to a basket and climb into it. The girl sitting on the yard and feeding breadcrumbs. Hen and chicks climb on a wheelbarrow. They pick grains. Hen and chicks in a muddy hollow, resting (and picking...) Hen and chicks at the bowl, drinking. The chicks are much larger now. The chicks at a trough, drinking. They are nearly no chicks anymore but hens (and a cock). The young cock on the yard. The other one arrives and they peck at each other, fight a little. One of them is white, the other one is dark. They keep fighting. The farmer's wife, collecting eggs out of a basket. The henhouse with the chicken-ladder again. Some hens climb the ladder and enter the henhouse.

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