Film: 6188

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Silent | B/W


New York World's Fair. U.S.A 1930's
Aerial shots of New York exhibition area. Long shot down the "Avenue of Flags". The Italian venue. The Hall of Science. Crowds milling about near the General Exhibits Building. The Hall of Religion. People watching circus performers. A lion tamer. Old people in bath chairs. The horticultural exhibit. Enchanted Island. People on miniature train, little cars, paddle boats. The Electrical Building. Long shot of the Sky Ride. People boarding cable car. Aerial views of Fair site. The Federal Building and the Court of States. A fun fair. Impresario Frank Buck's stand. Shot from inside the overhead train racing down the track. Reconstruction of life a million years ago with huge duck and King Kong replica. The Fountain. The Lagoons. Mock-European and Colonial settings. Cherubs. Tyrolean dancers. A Black Forest inn. Girl skaters. Mock Paris. Mock Hawaii. The Ford Motor Company venue. The Chrysler venue. The General Motors venue. A Goodyear balloon. The Fair illuminated by night.

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