Film: 6193

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Junior sports in U.S.A 1940's
Lots of babies together outdoors having their nappies changed. One cries, another sleeps and one his held high by an adult like a 'champion'. Baby race. Babies lined up for a crawling race but some are reluctant to start, others sit in the middle but eventually there is a winnner over the finish line. He wears a crown NIDS Crawling champion.
Older children in a skipping race, and 'skinning the cat' on a bar until they fall off.
Forward somersaults using a springboard with the help of a teacher. More gymnastics. Waterbabies learning to swim and a short race. Tots diving from a low board. Nelly, aged two, does a belly flop. A baby gains confidence in water when the adult lets go and it goes under the water and struggles back to the top.
Seven/eight year olds on a diving board. Golf course, two young children want the same golf stick. Awkward swings and misses. In a bunker the only thing seen can be the stick. Trying to get the golf ball into the hole. A young boy is champion and gets a big kiss from an admirer and falls to the floor.
Skiing on the Nursery slope and then older children on slope and doing jumps.
Rodeo and boys in a ring doing stunts on horseback. Steer riding cowboys. A boy on a calf.
Baseball and children in a group doing excercises. An obese child in front of the group has a split in the back of his pants. Other games.
Child watching in crowd pokes his tongue out. Baseball run by podgy child.
And what the children will be if they continue training. Adults - Baseball player, a swimmer, golfer, rodeo rider and Skier.

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