Film: 6210

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World War Two recycling ! Save your scrap ! Homefront 1940's

Falling waste paper. A dustman carries a box of rubbish or paper to the rubbish or recycling collection lorry. It drives off. Sign reading Waste Paper Sorting Plant. Women sorting through scrap paper. Various stages of paper recycling. A lorry carrying wood pulp. Wood pulp in a block being hoisted on a crane. Barges with scrap. Paper being shredded. A man climbs up scaffolding inside a factory or plant. Various items made from recycled paper: a box of anti-aircraft shell containers, washers, boxes, cartridge shells, cut-out targets, gun fuses. A sign reads Three Words to the Whole Nation - Go To It! Herbert Morrison.

01:05:00. Farmer in a field with two horses pulling a plough. Hands pick potatoes from an allotment, garden fork. Shot of a lot of mens' legs walking. Men walking to or from work in a factory, most wear flat caps and some are pushing bicycles. A warden with a "W" on his helmet on the telephone. A nurse with a cross on her apron bandages a man's head. A boy and a girl collect hay in a field, the girl has her hair in plaits. Bundles of scrap paper are lifted by a crane. A man with a stack of paper in a factory or plant.

A housewife in her kitchen unwraps a sheet of newspaper and takes a plate out of it. There is a stove and kettle behind her. She folds the newspaper. Stop frame animation in the following scenes:

A bag appears on the back of the kitchen door. Tomatoes jump out of a paper bag into a glass bowl. There is a stamped envelope and letter on the mat. The letter and a bus ticket make their way into the bag on the back of the door. A cupboard opens, paper comes out of it. A sheet of paper unwraps itself from a bunch of rhubarb on a vegetable rack. A box moves out of a rubbish bin. A piece of paper disappears from the wall then reappears. A pile of magazines on top of a bookshelf dwindles until only two copies of Good Taste magazine are left. The door of a writing bureau opens and letters and other papers disappear from it. Cardboard boxes slide down from the top of a wardrobe. In the nursery the doors of the toy cupboard open to show toys, a toy car moves across to allow a comic to fly out in the shape of wings. The door of a cupboard opens to reveal a vacuum cleaner, various papers and cardboard boxes leave the cupboard.

The woman stands in her kitchen surrounded by paper and boxes. She reads a card then puts it down. She picks up the pile of boxes and some fall off.

04:13:00. A broom sweeps litter in the street. A man with a stick spears and picks up pieces of litter on the grass and puts them into a sack. A woman walks down the street. A boy eats a sweet and throws the paper out of the window. It lands on the woman's hat, she carries on walking. A seated man in a flat cap takes a cigarette from a packet and throws the packet on the ground. It lands with other litter in a drain. The housewife in her kitchen collects a pile of paper. Litter stick picking up litter. A woman empties tea leaves from a teapot into a rubbish bin, we only see the lower half of her body and legs. The housewife puts paper in a bin. She scrunches up paper and puts it in the grate of the fireplace. She picks up a bundle of paper and gives it to the dustman at the door.

05:03:00. Panning shot of saucepans on a shelf to cartons and a tube of toothpaste. A man carrying a bicycle downstairs. The housewife takes old irons and other scrap metal from a cupboard. A man with a cigarette in his mouth takes an iron bedstead out of his house. Another man takes out an old lawnmower. A woman puts an old tin bath out. In the countryside old farm machinery lies on the grass: a plough, harrow and wheel. A woman at her stove spoons bones out of a pan and puts them in a colander. A dog chewing a bone.

06:00:00. Anti-aircraft guns firing. A plane flying. A field. A woman's hands moving bones from the colander to a tin (to be used for making glue). A pile of scrap metal outside. A man sorting through a pile of scrap metal, a small crane moves behind him. A white hot furnace as the metal is made into steel. A battleship at sea. Tanks moving. Guns firing. A crane hoists a bundle onto a ship. A furnace. A man in a warehouse packs food tins for the army into a box. A woman in a factory makes wadding for bullets. A pile of bullets. Men placing shells on the ground in a factory. A man lifts a piece of material, part of a hut. Battleships at sea. The housewife takes papers out of a sack and ties them in a bundle.

07:31:00. The Controller of Salvage Mr H G Judd sitting at a desk, he speaks about the need for all people to conserve resources and to collect all waste for the war effort. A collection of containers, labels appear for them: Bones, Metal Scrap, Food Waste.


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