Film: 6215

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The Sea Harrier vertical take off and landing jet fighter 1970's
Ship borne air power. Sunset over the sea. Harrier on deck of aircraft carrier. Missiles under wing. Engineer on fuselage, 'Royal Navy' written on tail. Front of airplane, pilot checking underneath plane, refueling aircraft, pilot climbing ladder to get into cockpit. Sliding canopy shut. Ground crew signalling to pilot that ready to go. The Sea Harrier taking off (various shots). Harrier over sea (air to air shot). Harrier landing vertically. Aerial shot of aircraft carrier (HMS Invincible) at sea. Harrier landing vertically. Taking off with run up. Landing on small pad, taking off vertically. Close views of vertical take offs. Short take off from aircraft carrier. View from cockpit during take off. Air to air shot. Two Harriers in flight. Sky jump ramp on aircraft carrier. Harrier wing sky jump ramp. Ground crew indicating OK to take off. Control room on board shop. Squadron of Harriers on ship. Helicopter taking off. High angle shot of Harrier on aircraft carrier. Ground crew making hand signals. Take off shot from ship's control room. Vertical landing. Bow of ship at sea. Radar turning on ship. Row of Sea Harriers. Air to air shot of Harrier's belly. Side winder or magique missiles. Interior of cockpit, pilot fires missile. Exterior shot, missile fires, pan as follow missile, close up of pilot's face, explosion. Sea eagle stand off. Sea skimming missile in flight. Front of Harrier in flight. Ferranti Blue Fox radar screen. Linked to weapon firing capabilities. Pilot with finger on firing button. Ship in the plane's sights. Pilot pressing buttons on navigational system. Radar screen. Harrier landing vertically in foul weather, same by night. Air to air shots of Harrier. Three Harriers fly past aircraft carrier.

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