Film: 6216

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Promoting a small aeroplaneand air to air shots of Hawker Siddeley Hawk in flight (red and white). 1970's HSH landing and taxiing a runway. Three stationary HSHs on tarmac. Large cutting machine during construction of HSH. Model of HSH being rotated in tests. Another model showing how air passes over wings. Another model being spun in tank. Testing the direction changes on wings in lab. Laboratory, lots of dials. Man in white coat turning taps on control panel. Water at port hole, container with water in being spun. In field testing ejector seat. Rocket fires, seat fired into air, parachute opens, drops back to earth (dummy used). Red white flag being raised. Model of pilot in HSH cockpit. Cockpit pulled along track. In long shot the model is propelled along track, canopy cues off, model pilot comes out, cockpit continues. Large tank surrounded by netting in laboratory. Control panel. Man spins model of HSH as it spins. Pilot checking under carriage of HSH and them climbing ladder to get in cockpit. Interior of cockpit-dials. Co-pilot and pilot step into cockpit. Two ground crew in green overalls watch. Canopy being closed. Engines started. Pilots look out through canopy. View of airfield from cockpit. HSH taxiing. Interior of control, man speaking into microphone HSH taking off. Ground to air shots of HSH. HSH landing HSH taxiing. HSH taking off, very green surroundings (England). Air to air shots of HSH. Spins.

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