Film: 6217

Aviation | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Hawk the fighting trainer aircraft 1980's

Hawk aircraft in flight. Line of aircraft in preparation for training. Includes close up view of the aircraft itself both inside the cockpit and the exterior. Pilots put on headgear ready to fly. Throttle. Take-off. Undercarriage view on take off. Nose to tail in flight and close up of hawk in flight. Aerobatics. Controls. View of wheels being dropped ready for landing. View of the cockpit of landing strip. Landing. Pilots take off headgear. Another plane lands. Surrounding views and landscapes. A signalman operating at night.
Engineers at work. Loading missiles and amunition. Three aircraft take-off together. View from aircraft firing on targets below. Aircraft as small object in the sky above the clouds. CU of aircraft on the ground and lin flight fully armed.

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