Film: 6223

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The world's most effective close air support aircraft 1970's
The AV-8B Harrier II in flight (air to air). USAAF insignia on fuselage. Harrier vertical landing. Taxiing on runway. Commentary states that AV-8B has improved on it predecessor AV-8A. This has been done by U.S.A. Marines in conjunction with British aerospace. Harrier in flight. the AV-8A taxing towards camera. The A4M in flight. Three twin blade Sikorsky helicopters landing as troops jump from them in Vietnam. U.S.A. Marines wading through stream, walking through jungle, a marine firing rifle (rear view). The Harrier dropping bomb. Archive footage of Marines in Vietnam, machine gun being fired. Complete bearing flexibility. Diagram showing an aircraft carrier at sea, another ship at sea and a line joining the two, forming a square of land and vectoring to carrier (flight path). Large aircraft carrier. Red and white Harrier landing on carrier. Short take off from short concrete runway. Vertical take off from concrete area. Diagram illustrating AV-8B's increased range of operation and pay load carrying capabilities in relation to AV-8A. Missiles being attached to Harrier's wings on land airbase. Ground to air shot of Harrier in flight. Various air to air shots. Harrier dropping bombs. AV-8B landing. Marines on radio on ground. Harrier dropping bombs, two explosions. Harrier taxiing. Stationary Harrier standing behind the weapons that it can carry. 25mm rapid fire machine, gatling, gun firing from bells of Harrier in flight (flashes are the only evidence of firing). Pilot at top of ladder and stepping into cockpit. Interior of cockpit. Pilot strapping himself in (exterior). Vertical landing on concrete surface. Ground crew working on stationary aircraft. Graph indicating higher reliability per centage than the AV-8A. Radar screen in cockpit. harrier, in hangar. Computer maintenance screen, the expeditionary Test Set. Finger pointing at read out on screen. Technician with hand in panel testing component. Harrier taxiing. Air to air shots. Harrier taxiing on aircraft carrier. Ground to air shot. Aircraft carrier at sea. Harrier firing missiles, dropping bombs.

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