Film: 6224

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The Sea Harrier 1970's, a fixed wing vertical take off aircraft. aerial view of clouds from above them. Air to air shot of Sea Harrier. Fast moving aerial shot over cliffs and sea. Two Harriers pass over head. Aerial view of H.M.S. Invincible at sea. Sea Harrier taking off from H.M.S. Invincible. Medium shot of pilot in cockpit as Harrier lands vertically on H.M.S. Invincible. Radar on shop. Sea king helicopter landing. Ground crew walking around lines of Harriers on deck of H.M.S. Invincible. Ground crew adjusting things on aircraft, moving aircraft, securing aircraft to deck. Missiles under wing. Pilot climbing ladder to get into plane. New Zealand flag on arm of pilot. Sliding canopy shut. Firemen in silver overall helmet and gloves on deck of aircraft carrier. Ground crew signalling to pilot. Sea Harriers taking off. Take off seen from control room on ship. Aerial view of ship at sea. Air to air shots of Harrier over land and sea. Harriers landing vertically on ship. Harriers taxiing on flight deck. Two Harrriers flying in formation. Extreme long shots of H.M.S. Invincible at sea.

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