Film: 6229

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


A brief look at streets and buildings in four English towns 1940's
Intertitle: "Winchester - one of the great historical cities of England".
General view of Winchester, looking down on buildings and streets.
Intertitle: "The 13th Century West Gate".
Shot of the stone built gateway as a car passes underneath. Pedestrians walk through a smaller opening to one side. Shot of the arch from down the street, with shops and pedestrians.
Intertitle: "King Alfred held court at Winchester".
Shot of the statue of King Alfred, crowned and holding a sword aloft.
Intertitle: "Jane Austen lived here".
Shot of her house - a three storey white building.
Intertitle: "Winchester college - founded 1382".
The turrets of the building are seen viewed through a wrought iron gate. The gates open. Slow pan of a courtyard, the surrounding buildings made of flint or some similar material. Wider shot of the buildings with students walking below.
Intertitle: "Wolvesly Palace - now a ruin - dates back to 1138".
Footage of the ruins - flint and stone walls with arch shaped doorways and windows. A wider shot reveals square castle-like structures.
Intertitle: "The cathedral - started 1079, completed 1486".
The gothic style building has some grave stones outside. Chain fences surround the grassed areas. View of a couple walking through a corridor of archways. Various shots of the smaller buildings in the cathedral precincts, emphasising archways and shadows. There are large established trees around the outside of the cathedral. Views of the cathedral looking up towards the roof from a low angle. Wider shot of the cathedral with a brick wall in front.
Intertitle: "Windsor Castle - a Royal residence since William the Conqueror".
View of the exterior of Windsor Castle as a car pulls away on the road outside. Shot of the main entrance, and people entering beneath the arch. Inside the grounds a small group of soldiers carrying rifles march past, and in the background, the building has scaffolding on it.
Intertitle: "St George's Chapel (1483) dedicated to England's Patron Saint".
Panning shot of the exterior of the large building. General views of the same, including a grand entrance with a flight of steps leading up to it.
Intertitle: "Architecture of the Middle Ages is prominent".
People mill around the outside of a black and white timbered building.
Intertitle: "The state apartments - the private residence of the King and Queen".
General views of the buildings, in a very similar style to the Tower of London.
Intertitle: "The famous Round Tower - dating from Edward III".
Low angle shot of the large stone structure. A Union Flag is flying. People walk through the grounds of the various buildings.
Intertitle: "An annual event - The Scouts' Parade".
Scouts wearing shorts and wide brimmed hats line up outside the castle.
Intertitle: "Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh inspect the scouts".
Nice shots of Princess Elizabeth shaking hands with and meeting both male and female scout leaders. Older scouts (including sea scouts) salute as they march past the royal couple. Outside the castle a policeman stands below a statue of Queen Victoria and directs traffic. Long shot of the castle with swans on a lake in the foreground.
Intertitle: "Canterbury, England's ecclesiastical capital, retains many medieval features".
Long shot of the cathedral over Canterbury's rooftops. General views of Canterbury streets with pedestrians, buses and shop awnings.
Intertitle: "West Gate, last of six city gates built in 1375".
Shot of the gate with the River Stour in the foreground.
Intertitle: "Tudor houses occupied by Huguenot weavers in 1685".
Shot of the sign on the house: "The Old Weavers' House AD 1500". Shot of the timbered building on Canterbury High Street, near the bridge that goes over the Stour. Shot of the Cathedral Gate taken through the narrow shopping street (Mercery Lane?) with the Cathedral Tea Rooms to one side. Close up of the gate with people entering underneath. Close up of the statues and carvings in the stone on the gate.
Intertitle: "St Augustine's College - founded in 1884".
Exterior shots of the college buildings made of flint and stone (I think this is now what would be The King's School buildings?).
Intertitle: "The magnificent cathedral. Started in 1070 - completed in 1503".
Establishing shot of the cathedral. View of the cathedral taken from underneath the gateway.
Intertitle: "History and beauty in every stone".
Close ups of the stone work and various statues on the building. Views of the stained glass windows, from both outside and inside. Views of the cathedral precincts, with people walking through (probably students from St Augustine's College).
Intertitle: "Oxford. The universities and buildings are renowned the world over".
General views of Oxford streets, with traffic, shops and cyclists.
Intertitle: "Pembroke College - founded 1624".
Shot of the college, and close ups of some coat of arms. View of the buildings from beneath the gateway entrance. Further views of the grassed courtyard.
Intertitle: "Christ Church. The Tom Tower was built by Wren in 1682".
The structure towers over the street below. Close ups of details on the building. General views of large college buildings.
Intertitle: "The beautiful High Street".
General views of shopping streets with traffic and pedestrians.
Intertitle: "A modern building - the new Bodleian Library".
Shot of the large square building, with a little dome on top. Close ups of detail such as a statue and the roof.
Intertitle: "The Radcliffe Camera - built 1737".
Tilt down the height of the building, followed by one static shot.
Intertitle: "Lovely Magdalen College and the stately Magdalen Bridge".
General view, and a double decker routemaster bus drives down the road.

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