Film: 6245

Music | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Stephane Grappelli on violin 1930's
Dave Goldberg on guitar.
Coleridge Goode on Double Bass.
Ray Ellington on Drums.
George Shearing " The celebrated blind pianist " on piano.

Graphelli wears a white DJ or dinner jacket and a black bow tie. Close up of him playing the "Stephane Blues ". Lots of wonderful Art Deco style abstract kaleidoscope graphics come up between each musical number or change of scene. Commentary talks of modern swing music. The whole quintet on the stage with potted palm, wall lights and paintings. Plants in the foreground. Grappelli in the front. They play the " Piccadilly Stomp ". Close up of George Shearing on the piano then the bass player. Various shots of all the artistes. More wonderful graphics with a musical note motif. A ballad number called " Wendy ". Close up of hands on a piano keyboard playing. Shadow of Grappelli on the wall. Bunther piano. " Sweet Georgia Brown "in Grappelli's own arrangement. The drummer sings and skats. More graphics. The last number is " Eveline ". All the quintet do solos pieces. Playing out with the " Stephane Blues " again.

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