Film: 6251

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Work during World War Two 1940's Jute being unloaded from ship's hold. Being carried by horse and cart. "A typical jute mill". Man carries bale on back. Bales lifted by chairs. Women pull bales apart. Women wear headscarves. Pull jute into smaller strips. carding room for combing. Women workers. Woman fans dust away spinning mill. Sizing. Lots of shades of
jute going into looms. Woman works on loom. Shuttles. Rolls of cloth to cutting room. Man cuts and rolls cloth. Women stitch cloth to make sacks. Dye owners names onto sacks - "J.C.D. Doon Star". Jute soled shoes made. Women throw loads of shoes onto pile. Woman examines a shoe. Putting jute covering on electric cables.
Docks: unloading ships. Jute used as camouflage netting over big guns. Sandbags protecting building and nurses walk by. Covered Anderson Shelter. Gun crew wearing gas masks protected by sandbags. Harvesting wheat - load in sacks, Indians carrying jute bales. Utility use of jute and textiles.

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