Film: 6259

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie record of a train trip in Peru to possibly Machu Pichu 1930's

Life ring reads "Santa Mari, New York" Liner. The Neptune crossing the line ceremonies of shaving cream and dancing people in the swimming pool. Luggage and woman in harness winched to land. Port El Callao with tram. Sea. Men on mules or donkeys. More trams. Llamas. Misti, volcano in Arewuipa, Peru. View of the mountains with snow. On the railway station platform. Food sellers. Travelling shot of the mountains, Andes, from the train, snow covered peaks, people on the track side, more travelling shots, the train in a station, nice shot of the locomotive, woman waves from the window of a carriage, stone wall, man and woman explore Machu Picchu. Group of tourists. "Estacion Cuzco" street scenes and trams. Women with bowler hats and shawls.
Sign says "Tren al Cuzco" (Train to Cuzco)
Work team clearing the line for the train. Head on shot of the locomotive. Two obviously tourist western women in cloche hats dig with pick axes to clear the line. The work team seem to be clearing a rock fall on the railway line. Peasant woman with baby on her back. Train moves again. Train waits. Train sets off. It has "Cuzco" painted on the side and basically a U.S. type of locomotive with a cow catcher on the front. Travelling shot of llamas. Wall covered in memorials or tombs. Market scene with women in bowler hats.

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