Film: 6260

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie 1960's North Wales holidaymakers. Llangollen canal horse drawn pleasureboat. Panorama of Llangollen. Boy rides carthorse. Departing from Llangollen. Countryside and mountain. Moored British Waterways boat. The unharnessed horse. Boy riding horse. Harnessing horse. Small fibreglass pleasurecraft (plastic duck!) passing by. Passing through lift bridge, throwing rope into water so boatman can fish it out of water with boathook. Difficult steering and moving the tiller hard over. People blocking towpath at a bridgehole. Stone canal bridge. Horse passing under bridge hole in distance, filmed with our boat and a boy's head in the foreground. Passing over aquaduct over a river (The River Dee?). Pontcysyllte Aquaduct. People walk on towpath. Dog running on towpath and on boat. The horse still wearing harness grazing. Emerging from tunnel and reverse point of view of tunnel exit. Steam engine and tender overtaking boat. Sign announcing Chirk Tunnel. Boat stationary in entrance to tunnel. Brown sign reading Chirk. Horse patiently waiting. Two women gingerly pick their way along a path. Setting off again. Man rides horse. Two men encourage horse to enter tunnel on narrow towpath. It is a tight squeeze! Friesian cattle interested in us as we pass advance to canalside. Men push up lift bridge. Aquaduct. River below. Chirk. Man on roof of boat using bargepole.

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