Film: 6268

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Trick horse riding. U.S.A
Horse and rider canter into the shot and come to a halt by a collection of bushes before turning on the spot when the horse proceeds to pick up his rider's crop from the floor and passes it to her. She rewards him with a pat on the neck and continues to canter out of the shot.
The pair appear at the top of a hill where they demonstrate their 'parade march', the horse lifts his legs high into the air as though he were marching, he then turns on the spot and shows off his 'southern cape walk' in which the horse appears to be hopping from one foot to another, he turns again to show the equestrian version of the 'rumba' where he appears to be skipping from one side to the other with his hind legs.
Horse and rider trot elegantly past rolling countryside to demonstrate this gait in which the rider is standing up and down to the rhythm of the horses movement.
They proceed to illustrate a slightly faster gait, the canter, a more elegant gait requiring the rider to remain seated.
They move on to give a display of racking, the rider is showing a high level of control here by restraining the horse from moving at it's full potential speed, providing an elegant display.
A headshot of a beautifully turned out horse and rider moves to the side to show the equipment that is necessary for side-saddle riding. The rider mounts the horse to demonstrate the correct position in the saddle and canters off into the distance.
The pair canter along a beautiful country backdrop before coming to a large jump which the horse clears with ease, they continue to jump 2 more fences.
Close up of 2 trick riders preparing their ponies with blinkers, the one mounts and rides off.
Horse and rider canter along with the rider carrying out a range of gymnastic moves on top of the horse, the second rider then sets off showing a range of other moves that can be completed on top of a horse. The pair proceed to take turns demonstrating all manner of impressive skills. They come to a halt side by side, dismount their ponies, give them a pat and turn to smile at the camera.
A cow girl is seen to be cleaning and loading tack into a vehicle.
The cowgirl quietly rides her horse into the middle of a herd of cattle and selects a cow she wishes to take to market, she then drives it out into another enclosure, once separated from the herd the horse does a lot of the work himself by preventing the natural instinct of the cow of trying to return to it's herd. Once the cow is securely in another pen the rider returns to single out and lasso a calf, she proceeds to wrestle the calf to the floor and tie his feet together in order to stop him struggling so badly.

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