Film: 6270

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Coal Mining. Lancashire. Reconstruction work at Bradford colliery in heart of Manchester.

Tunnel links it to Stewart Street Power Station. Tunnel shots of coal going direct from colliery on conveyor belt to power station. Coal going down chute. (We don't see much coal). Adjusting dials and machinery. Smoking power station.
London, Whitehall. Cenotaph. Cranes and building site for Ministry of Works. Basement is Henry VIII's Whitehall Palace. See the ornate basement. New heating fuel of creosote. Office workers in office. Running washbasin. View over smoky London. Street view of Whitehall, Nelson's column. Big Ben strikes two.
Yorkshire, Doncaster Rescue Station. Man in gas mask cycling static bicycle. Other man hauling weights by rope. Outside chamber man in overalls checks performance with clip-board. Training in mock-up mine. Rescue injured miner. Apply oxygen mask. Carry stretcher onto carpet. Artificial respiration. Men leave via front door. Each with brief case.
Eddie Thomas, miner form Merthyr, Wales. Boxing a roof punch-ball. Skipping. Newspaper headline "Eddie Thomas wins third title". Beats Micheli Palermo of Italy. Welterweight.

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