Film: 6273

Entertainment + Leisure | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Late Victorian probably Music Hall performance Circa 1897

Female acrobat and contortionist performs with a small dog. Behind her is a chair with an entwined Union Jack and Stars and Stripes. This makes us believe that she may be a visiting American artiste, but she is unknown to us. The film shot is a fixed camera position, as was normal at this period, and shot outside as interior lighting had not been invented at this time. Notice how she sometimes disappears off to the side and is probably shouted back into shot by the cameraman. The blanket on the ground denotes the area of vision captured.

Woman in black tights and large blouse stands on grass beside a white mat. Dog on white mat jumps on to chair. Woman begins to do some early break-dancing as she spins round her hands. She stops, dog jumps on her stomach and she begins to spin again as the dog remains on her. She stands up and the dog runs up her chest. She stops, dog jumps onto chair. She pulls herself through her legs, bounces across the mat on her hands while the dog is on her back. She begins to move from hand to feet as dog walks up her front and down her back. She does a head stand with dog on her feet as it stands on its hind legs. While on her back she lifts dog up with one foot. she raises the other foot and then moves her feet apart. The dog stretches between the feet.
Duration one minute 40seconds, but the proper speed has not been adjusted.

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