Film: 6276

Dance | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Dancing School, Belgium. Documentary about girls who learn dancing. For the most part they can be seen practising different dances.
Caption: 'The ballets and dances that we admire are always the result of efforts that the public is ignorant of. Since their childhood the dancers have to work very hard to achieve this level of perfection.'
A row of very young girls in a dancing school. They try to position their feet in the correct way. The teacher helps one of them to perform the correct ballet movements of the arms and the body. They all practise, with help from the teacher. There are about ten girls on one side, and 12 more on the other side of the room. Those 12 are older and have much more exercise than the young ones. The young ones try to lift and stretch their right leg. The older ones do it without difficulty. They practise on a row of bars in front of a mirror. A piano player. We see first one, then some, and then all of the young girls bending their knees (with difficulties). The teacher gets up and goes to them.
Caption: 'The Polka step... heels... tips... one, two, three.'
The small children try to dance the step. The older girls dance it more skilfully. Pairs of other children dance this step. Teacher and piano player. Caption: 'You have to be supple!' A group of older girls dances in slow motion. Teacher and piano player. Caption: 'Time for a gallop!' A group of children 'gallops' through the hall. Then in the other direction, then in slow motion. Teacher and piano player. Caption: 'Your costumes are ready, go and dress!' The children run into the bathroom, shower and dress. A young girl's lips get made up with lipstick. Another one's dress is fixed. More girls, making up, putting on shoes and dresses. They climb a staircase and enter the stage. The curtain is drawn back. A small child dances on tiptoes; then a row of older ones dances, they are dressed as drum-majorettes. One of them is quite slow. The teacher. Caption: 'Faster, Simone, faster!' Simone tries to be faster. Caption: 'It's your turn, Russians!' Girls dressed as Russians enter the stage and perform a Russian dance. A very small child dances in front of them. The teacher watches her and dances a little as well. They leave the stage. Caption: 'And now it's your turn, Scotsmen!' Girls with kilts dance. One creeps through the legs of another one. We see feet, dancing on tiptoes, en pointe. Three girls, dancing a Polka. Some more, dancing. Their feet. The teacher. Caption: 'The acrobats must distinguish themselves!' Six girls turn cart-wheels. A girl performs a handstand. We look at her from underneath, through a glass floor. We see girls dancing through the glass floor. We see them dancing on a reflecting floor. Then all of them leave the stage. Caption: 'For today, we have finished.' The dressed girls run down the staircase. Caption: 'While the children go back to their dressing room, they think of their older colleagues who are famous stars by now, after many years of hard labour.' The girls, still dressed, run down a passage. Two of them stop in front of a picture and look at it: It is a photography of two dancers. The photography comes into life and the two dancers begin to dance. They dance quite a while on a meadow, behind a gate and in front of a forest, then they are joined by other dancers. They leave the meadow by the gate, dancing. The group of dancers on the meadow. In front of a building similar to a classical Greek type temple. Between pillars in a park. Between the pillars against the sun, as silhouettes. In front of a palace. In the park. On the meadow. On a meadow, reflected in a lake.

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