Film: 6277

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Sing-along songs with bouncing ball and crude but quite charming animation in places. The end of 'The More We get Together'. Song called 'Billy Boy', lyrics have an animated background with a ship sailing on the sea.
Sequence called Rock Valley with very jolly music. A boy strolls along carrying a pig and a girl skips along from the opposite direction carrying a basket. They meet and the pig wriggles free to chase after her. The pig jumps in her basket and she hides up a tree. The boy retrieves the pig, returns the basket and bows to the girl.
'What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor?' with a swirly wave pattern as the background, presumably to indicate sea and/or sickness!
Canadian Square dancing. Animated paper figures.
'Marching through Georgia' lyrics with a sing-a-long bouncing ball which is becomes a flag when it is mentioned in the song - "the flag that makes you free".


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