Film: 6278

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Barclaycard credit cards.

Tilted shot of people walking in streets. Shop assistant wraps box of gent's clothes, suit, shirt and tie. Barclaycard sign in shop window. Shop assistant fills out form for Barclaycard sale. Indicates where to sign. Close up of man's hands signing slip. Putting slip in Barclaycard machine. Several commercial premises with Barclaycard stickers up, car hire office, clothes shop, garage, restaurant, shops. Man leaves shop with his newly purchased box under his arm. He is outlined in yellow (like the Ready Brek adverts!) Hotel foyer. Lots of suitcases. Receptionist reaches for keys. Two men at reception with their wives. One offers other a cigar, refused. Women smile at each other, one waves. Four people then play with ball on beach. Man eats candyfloss, woman eats ice cream. Helter Skelter. Man takes photographs, in close up. At jewellers, one wife asks husband to step inside. Barclaycard sign. Disco lights. Sign says "Bars". Neon lights, "Steak Bars", other signs say "Dancing", "42 Club", "skating", "Grand" (Hotel Brighton??). Two couples at reception with their bills. One man does not have enough cash. Anxious faces. Man with Barclaycard lends cash to other man. BOAC airliner takes off, film of rear half of plane. Man in Barclays bank withdraws cash by Barclaycard. Man leaves Barclays bank in central London. Man rows woman in boat on river. Three men sit at table and look past camera. Pretty girl drives up. They smile. Three men see girl off in car. Woman pays for hire car with Barclaycard. Letters drop through man's letter box. He puts down cup and saucer and picks letter off mat. Man compares his sales vouchers with his Barclaycard statement. Man writes cheque to Barclaycard for £10. Man licks envelope. Addressed envelope.
Birthday party at function room. Sign says "Happy 40th Anniversary Mum and Dad" over a smart dinner party, black tie. Whole selection of gifts with tags on on a table. Teasmade next to a birthday card. Food mixer, iron, portable TV, table lamp. Couple toast with red wine. Photographer takes flash picture as they kiss. Waiter with salver shows bill. Man cannot find wallet, calls his wife over. Wife says its okay, shot of whole family holding up Barclaycards.

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