Film: 6280

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Commentary highlights from the Guards International Trophy race in 1966, held at Brands Hatch, Kent, England. Race won by John Surtees. Good shots of Chevrolets racing in wet and dry conditions. The last British held international race of group seven cars.

Inter-title - 'Another year in the history of the Guards International Trophy.'

Graham Hill, dressed in motor racing overalls and helmet, with goggles off, resting on his helmet, stands talking to journalists by the side of the track, the stands can be seen in the background, full of spectators, camera focuses in to Hill's face. John Surtees walks past a few people in suits, in a pale blue motor overall with Dunlop embroidered on it. Bruce McLaren sits in a red car, strapped in with his helmet on, with his goggles resting on the rim, John Surtees stands in his car, parked on the track in front of the pits, several men stand around the car, two of them with cameras, spectators watch from behind the barriers. Two cars are seen from the side, lined up for the race, they are both red and marked with their drivers' names - B. Redman and G. Hill, Hills sits in his car, a Lola (?) Chevrolet, whilst mechanics fiddle with it.

The cars are all in position for the start of the race, photographers stand by the side of the track taking photos, a man raises a Union Jack flag in front of the cars. Close up on the man as he lets the flag fly for a moment and then brings it down sharply. The cars move forwards. The red cars are seen from behind as they pass the 200 yard sign and a Shell advert. The cars race down a straight past the stands and a sign for Fine Petrol by the side of the track. A hairpin bend is seen, there are trees in the distance and spectators sitting on the grass on the inside of the+ bend, the cars race round the bend, the red cars and the Lola in the lead (driven by Surtees, Eamonn (Aamon?) and Hill, followed by Bruce McLaren). The finishing line of lap one is seen, men take photographs from the side of the track, Surtees crosses the line first, followed by Eamon, Hill, McLaren. Paul Hawkins, Dennie Hume, and the other cars follow.

South Bank Bend is seen from the stands, the cars go past in single file. Keith St. John sits in his black McLaren Elba with his helmet on in the pits, the back of his car is up and mechanics are working on the engine, a photographer walks past and team members stand watching. Back at the first bend, a green car comes around the corner closely followed by Surtees an Eamon, Eamon trying to overtake as they come round the bend. They come around South Bank Bend. Three shots of the two cars racing around corners. Close up on the score board showing the following - Lap 8; 1 - 1; 2 - 9; 3 -2; 4 - 5, it has the Shell and BP logos on it.

Julien Sutton, in a black Aguilla (?), pulls onto a piece of tarmac off the track with smoke coming out of the engine behind him, people walk towards the car. Four cars go round the first bend in single file, followed by Eamon and then Hill, about to lap them. Dennie Hume, in a Lola Chevrolet, drives down a sliproad into the pits, where there are already several cars parked and people milling round, on top of the pit huts fly the flags of the different countries represented in the race.

Back on that first bend, Surtees, Eamon and Hill lead followed by Frank Gardiner. Ground level shot of the finish line, looking across at the spectators with a 'Guards Cigarettes' advertising hoarding in the front. Pat Surtees is seen sitting up on a ledge behind the commentators, she wears tartan trousers and backcombed hair, she is writing her husband's lap times down on a large notebook, another woman and a man walk around doing the same for their drivers. The camera follows Graham Hill, in third place, round an inside bend. Eamon and Surtees then go round the same bend, Surtees in the lead still.

Back to the first bend, Surtees and Eamon follow a car that they are about to lap (in the background are adverts for Autocar, Esso Extra, Champion, Lucas, Castrol, Super Sheel, Dunlop, Daily Mail and Guards).

Part two begins, back on the grid, with Surtees in poll position, again the Union Jack is dropped to start the race, and the cars drive off. The cars are seen going up the hill in the distance and then around the hairpin bend, still in their grid positions more or less, a few men run along the grass to watch the cars. The cars come around South Back Bend in front of the scoreboard in the following order - McLaren, Eamon (5.5 litre McLaren Elba Chevrolets), Surtees (6 litre Lola Chevrolet) followed by the others, beside the track, on the outside, men lean on the barriers to watch in front of parked cars, presumably owned by spectators, one of the cars begins to smoke as he goes round the bend and then spins across the track and off onto the grass with white smoke coming off the car, a man waves a yellow flag by the side of the track and the spectators jump up on the knee-high barriers to get a better view, the other cars continue round the bend.

A large scoreboard is set against the trees behind scattered spectators sitting on an expanse of grass, it is sponsored by Firestone and reads - 2 laps comp; 1st - 8; 2nd - 9; 3rd - 1; 4th - 6; 5th - 4; 6th - 30, beside it are adverts for Guards and BMC. Rain pours as a red car goes round the hairpin. A red car passes the finish where two men fly the chequered and reds flags, another man runs out to join them with a yellow flag. The cars come round the bend much slower on the flooded track. Close up as Surtees passes the two flags and the camera follows him to show the pouring rain beating down on the track.

As cars pass the flags, Hill's car crawls in to the pit lane, men in hooded macks take photos on the track. More cars go round the bend in the rain. Geoff Brable (?) in a Brabham, goes past the flags and into the pit lane. Another car goes past the flags. Blackout.

The drivers get off a red coach and walk past the camera, the first (Hill?) winks at the camera. The cars start back on the grids for eh third time, the Union Jack drops and the camera follows the cars so that they can be seen from behind with a photographer in the foreground. One car is pushed off the grid onto the pit lane, and another, John Clark's four wheel drive, is push started and then drives on. The crowd in the stands watch the race. Surtees, followed by Eamon, cross the line at lap one, Hawkins and Hill follow, as a few men take photos at the side of the track. The crowd watch from behind the fences. The cars, still led by Surtees and Eamon (then Hill, Hume and Gardner) come around the bend, then around South Bank Bend watched by the men standing by.

Surtees and Eamon cross the finish-line as the chequered flag is waved, followed by Hawkins in fifth, a lap behind, and a man walks onto the track to wave the flag. Close up on the man holding the flag. Surtees walks from his car through a crowd of people on the pits, he stops as they congratulate him. Two passenger cars drive along the pit lane, decorated with the Guards logo and colours. Surtees walks through the crowd, round past the cars.

Guardsmen in blue and red livery play a fanfare on silver trumpets (seen from above). Liz Frazer gives Surtees a trophy and a gold package and a wreath is hung round his neck, she claps as he waves his prizes above his head, a commentator speaks beside them into a handheld microphone. The small crowd of photographers mostly, watch from below. Frazer places a wreath around Max Wilson's neck and hand him a gold package. Surtees' car is pushed onto a trailer amid the crowds. Surtees and Frazer embrace and kiss, then laugh. The commentator speaks into the mike and then turns to Surtees and Frazer who stand smiling. Surtees and Wilson stand on the trailer, with the car and two other men, it is then drawn by a tractor down the track, four Guards cars follow. The trailer is seen on the track as the drivers wave at the crowd.

Close up on an open Guards packet with the cigarettes displayed, against a chequered black and white flag.

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