Film: 6282

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Belgium' resistance during World war One dramatised. Printing La Libre Belgique and the printer being shot. Germany as oppressor relating to World war Two as well.

Women fold copies of La Libre Belgique and wrap them in bread dough. Shots of the newspaper, commentary explains that behind it "lies hidden the true story of two world wars."

A map of Belgium burns. German troops march down a street in 1914 (reconstruction?) A printing press. Reconstruction: Two men and a woman sit at a table, one of the men crumples up "Le Bruxellois", the German propaganda newspaper, while the other breaks loaf of bread and pulls out resistance newspaper. The people read the newspaper and embrace.

Door with sign: "Military Komandant Brussels", Man examines blow-up of print on screen. Von Heinrich looks through microscope.

Soldiers walk down street, camera moves in on manhole cover in pavement. A cellar, with people working at printing press. German soldiers come down stairs and take resistance workers away. the smashed printing press. Man stands before firing squad.

Rudolph Von Heinrich in his office. He opens a letter containing the next edition of La Libre Belgique, and tears it up. A printing press. Woman ties up bundle of newspapers. Montage of resistance workers printing newspaper, civilians reading it. German troops carrying out raids. Shot of poster offering bribe for information on the newspaper. (All reconstruction.)

A chapel with undertakers bringing in coffin. In a back room, coffin is opened and bundles of resistance newspaper put in. Commentary tells how the offer of money raises fears of editor's wife.

Resistance workers in back room. German soldiers enter chapel. Warning light flashed in back room, resistance workers hide. Germans smash down door and arrest resistance workers. Firing squad. Von Heinrich receives Iron Cross. Heinrich in office receives next issue of newspaper and collapses.

Montage of shots from World War Two with captions: Denmark, Norway, Holland, Poland, France, Belgium.

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