Film: 6288

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Take off of an apache dance. Boy throws girl around in a French dance. Very funny 1920's

Medium shot of a smoky bar, underground, speakeasy-ish, all the patrons are crowded onto the dance floor in a very tight, neat circle, they are squished front to back and are all trying to dance. The pianist sits at his piano, playing, he stops and smiles a dazzling smile. The dancers stop and, because there is no room, raise their hands over their heads and applaud, clapping all at once. Everyone makes a break for a table. A car at the entrance to the club, the Cave Inn, a group of well dressed couples stands on the sidewalk, on the point of entering the club. Inside the club, one of the waiters stops suddenly at a doorway and gawks at what he sees. The girls of the party stand in some very nice flapper clothes, outside the club. The waiter looks down at himself and grasps his apron, then rips it off, straightens his lapels and walks out the door. The waiter saunters out and greets the ladies, who look impressed and nod their heads in greeting. The waiter waves behind him at the inside of the club. One of the gentlemen with women, takes his monocle out of his eye and looks at the waiter suspiciously. The waiter leads them into a curtained off table, the ladies all sit and the men follow, the waiter closes the drapes and then joins the guests at their table. The bar man behind the bar, a very rough looking person, talks to a very fat waiter who is waiting on table in front of the bar. The fat waiter goes into the curtained off area and talks to the other waiter, who looks surprised but politely leaves the table. He steps out of the curtain, closes it behind him and then hunches his shoulders and run off. The fat waiter, pulls out the chair and joins the rest of the group!
One of the floor acts, a man with a hat on, looking very low and scruffy and a girl in a short black dress come out of a wooden doorway. The man throws her a round, grabbing her by the neck and then swinging her back and forth, he eventually swings her up into his arms and carries he away. They enter the middle of the dance floor, and the man drops her but she bounces right up back into his arms. They look at each other in surprise. He swings her behind his back. She lands on her feet and they begin to dance. People at a table laugh and clap ,watching the routine. The couple dances, the man twirls her out and she lands on the lap of man sitting at a nearby table. She sits on his lap and his hat flies up , he just catches it. The girl gets up and with her arms around the man's neck they start dancing again. He swing her off her feet, so she just hangs on with her arms. A man at one of the tables nearby ducks as her feet fly by his head. A man eating at another table gets hit in the back of his head and does a face plant into his plate of food, he pull his face out of the food and sees what's going on, and starts clapping. The man stops turning and grabs the woman about the waist and pushes her from side to side, the throws her to the side. The girl skids to a halt on her bum, she rubs it sorely. The man looks threateningly over the floor at her, walks over and grabs her foot and drags her to the middle of the dance for, then the make a dramatic finish. The man with the monocle watches. The man and woman pretend to kiss and the man's moustache is transferred to the woman, they take a bow and the woman wiggles her lips, pats her top lip. The man with the monocle drops it again. The man realizes what happened and kisses the girl again. The monocle man looks suspicious and the woman beside him looks worried. The man picks up the woman over his shoulder and walks off the dance floor. The monocle man looks like he is planning something…The dancer man walks out into the bar area again. The monocle man puts his monocle in, looking enraged, he gets up and stalks over to the man. All the women at the table look horrified. The monocle man grabs the guys moustache and tries to pull it off, but it doesn't budge, the man throws down his cigarette and grabs the monocle man by the nose, shaking him hard, he eventually lets go and the monocle man sways on his feet, he protests but the other man hauls back and punches him. The monocle man goes backwards and hits a post, he slides to the ground. A painting on the post falls off it. The painting land on the monocle man's head and hangs around his shoulders. Two rather drunken patrons at a table blink in surprise. The monocle man's head pokes through the picture, where a woman's head is supposed to be.

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