Film: 6289

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Public schools Eton v Harrow cricket match which is an excellent example of upper-class social gathering during so-called austere period!
Hardly any cricket though.

Title over shot of inside Lord's Cricket Ground. Horse-drawn cabs, without the horses, have been positioned on some of the terracing adjacent to the perimeter of the pitch for spectators to observe from. Close-up of a mixed group seated on top of one such cab. Ground-level shot of some other spectators atop a carriage. Shot of a glum looking schoolboy walking at pace inside the ground. He wears a carnation of one of the schools. He looks at the camera as he passes by. Two more schoolboys, one tall, one short, scan the scorecard of the taller boy. He wears a white carnation. Cut to another schoolboy strolling inside Lord's, with probably his mother. He wears a dark carnation. She sports hat, string of pearls, dress, and handbag. Another mother and son couple walk towards and pass the camera. He wears a white carnation and holds a scorecard. Close-up of woman in hat enjoying an ice cream cone, then a schoolboy likewise. A schoolboy, elderly gentleman, and woman, all enjoy an ice cream cornet outside the pavilion. Shot of action on cricket square. Batsman sweeps the ball off his legs for runs. Wicket keeper and fielder look on. All three wear light colouerd caps. Shot of crowd applauding. One man still in military uniform. Eton where batting and Cole is seen being congratulated by the opposition on reaching his hundred. Shot of woman seated in stand. She wears black, elbow-length clothes, dress, hat, and holds a bag. She is engaged in conversation with a man. Switch to two ladies standing in extremely floral dresses. They too are conversing with a man. One of the women wears white gloves. Group of four women chatting. Variety of loud dresses and hats. One has a cigarette in her mouth. Cut to two other young women in dresses and hats. Woman walks past camera in white, lacey, cap-type headwear. Joined by another woman in similar headwear.

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