Film: 6291

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Film about Salvador Allende and Pinochet's putsch or coup d'etat in Chile, South America 1970's
A television tower - the one in East Berlin. Map of East Germany with hammer and dividers on it. Pictures of a film revolving around the map. Various languages are on the film, e.g. Russian, Arabic. Sun reflected on sea. Valparaiso. Birds flying low over the water. Harbour in background. Birds on a buoy in front of a ship. Valparaiso seen from the sea. It was where Salvador Allende was born. In Valparaiso. Palm tree. Tower block hotel. Avenue with palm trees on left hand side. Apartment blocks on right. Valparaiso and Pacific Ocean.
Military fighter aircraft fly past in formation. People beside a church. People running for cover. Soldiers running down a street. Soldiers wearing white armbands and carrying rifles walk cautiously down a street. Soldiers on a truck, a heavy machine gun. A tank at a street corner. A tank in a street. Soldiers by a truck. A tank in a city street. Two soldiers on a balcony. Houses on fire. Salvador Allende giving a speech (still photo). East German students singing. German demonstration against the coup in Chile A banner - Neider mit den putschisten. A placard - Chile Si Junta no.
East German students singing. A demonstration. A banner. (Film shrunk. Stopped here).

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