Film: 6292

Places + Locations | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Java, Indonesia.
"Offerings are taken to the temple where the holy dancing girls perform ritual dances."
Procession in medium shot passes left to right, by a river. Two men carry a large gong between them on their shoulders. Other instruments are carried by men while the women walk with tall offerings of fruit on their heads. They pass thatched houses and palm trees. It is an elaborate procession with rich costumes and beautiful flags or banners highly decorated or embroidered. A crowd sit beside a fabulous temple and palm tree while the procession pile a high table full of other offerings. A procession of women carry two girls high over their heads in sedan chairs or litters. These dancers carry fans and huge golden headdresses. In a seated position they still dance with their hands in graceful movements. The fans are twirled. The band or orchestra follow behind. The two girls then perform a graceful dance with slow movement and head movements.
"Cock-fighting and buffaloes' carnival are popular entertainments on these occasions." A small crowd of men, women and children - some seated, some standing - watch a cock-fight. Water-buffalo yoked together pass palm tree. They have large golden decorative panels on their harness. Three of four pairs pass by with men holding ploughs behind. "The remaining independent prince in the island proceeds in state to hold his court and receive presents from the natives." A man is carried high on a litter in procession past the thatched huts of the village. He sits on a high throne surrounded by courtiers and is handed a sword or dagger which he examines in detail.

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