Film: 6296

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


The Orient Express steam railway train in France. The open fire-box of a circa 1938 French railway engine. The engine's wheels in motion with fixed camera facing forwards. Train passes camera by side of tracks which pans to follow it. Fixed camera on left-side of engine as it enters a tunnel. emerging from tunnel and passing another train coming in opposite direction on a bend. Passing under a stone bridge.
Point of view phantom ride as train crosses viaduct enclosed in steel.
Phantom ride as train sweeps round bend onto stone viaduct. Double railway tracks. Train approaches station and it doesn't look as if it will stop.
Phantom ride travelling along tracks. Camera pans to right to see sidings with ten or more locomotives standing, steam coming from the wheels of one. View from train as it passes railway station sign "Le Havre".
Slow-moving phantom ride into station terminus.
Close up of train engine wheels starting up. Train moves away from camera, wheels steaming. Carriages are marked "Etat" and SNCF". Train gather speed as it leaves platform.
Phantom ride, train leaving tunnel, passing through station at speed and approaching another tunnel.
Phantom ride of train approaching the first box-framed viaduct again. "The End" superimposed as the train starts to crosses this viaduct.

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