Film: 6301

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Water power 1940's
Storm clouds discharge rain and in turn gullies, torrents, streams and rivers flow to the sea where water evaporates into clouds. Rivers can be used as highways, waterfall, rapids, dams, water wheel turned by artificial waterfall to grind grain etc. Steam power needs coal. Niagara Falls provides an immense source of power-giant hydro-electric plant-turbines explained. Scenes of a typical 1940/50's home with an early washing machine etc. Boulder Dam in Arizona. South American waterfalls. Russian Hydro-electric scheme. Victoria Falls. Europe and Asia and its possibilities with water power. Ancient timber mill shown. Coastal scenes. Spectacular scenes of the Falls. Animated diagrams and illustrated maps. Includes shot of electric train. Dug out canoe. Electricity in the home.

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