Film: 6309

Media | 1930 | Silent + Sound | B/W


A compilation of theatre audiences and cinema audiences 1930's and 1940's.
Side view of the circle seats of a theatre audience, where you can see the audience and one box which would be on the left side of the stage.
A busy back stage scene where actress in a bathrobe wanders about as a piece of scenery is moved, other member of the theatre stand at the back, a uniformed doorman watches. Stage manager is on the phone, another man pulls the levers.
View of a stage with curtains shut, a conductor with his back to us waits, then raises his arms to start the music and the show. View of the stage from the side again, two scenes one at the very front and actor preparing behind that. A theatre light moves. The stage manager talks into a microphone next to a table of controls for the theatre, he wears formal clothes and a bow tie. The curtain opens onto the stage, from a actors point of view, with the lights in front of you, the audience and the conductor and orchestra. Two different views of the audience in the dark in the stalls. And two more showing the circle seats. Closer shot of audience as man talks to his neighbour.
Iris wipe to show stage with curtain shut but eight girls standing in line, who then open the curtain. Good wide shot of stage, orchestra pit and audience watching a dance rountine on a packed stage, girls file down a staircase. Shot of poilte audience, richly dressed clapping nicely. Downward shot of dancing girls on a stage with the audience just in sight. Another view of polite auduience clapping. POV the audience at the stage with the same dancing girls. Girls walking around the stage with the silhouette of two women in hats from the audience clapping. Very fat woman carrying many parcels squeezing past the polite audience to get to her seat, to their annopyance. Close up of her feet treading roughly on their toes as she passes, they slip off their shoes to rub their feet. Girl dances on stage. Audience claps with violinist in foreground. Dancing line up. Girl in harlequin costume sings. Audience clap vigorously. Singing girl moves forward and the curtain closes behind her as she sings. Another enthusiastic clapping from audience.

Man on stage rouses up an audience, who clap and cheer. Cast of Lambeth Walk sing on stage.

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