Film: 6313

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Africa 1960's
Nairobi Kenya. High Rise buildings. People lay in park. Memorial to African Rifles. White peacock. African tribal dancing. Game wardens watch and salute. Safari Jeep going over a waterfall. Close up of lion and elephant. Sign 'Elephants have right of way'. Elephants at watering hole. Rhino and a man goes up close. Close up of rhino with damaged horn. Buffalo. Ostrich. Deer. Antelope. Leopard. Zebra. Lioness and cubs. Leopard prowling and with it's catch. African home and family. Crown Crane birds.
Driving on safari from p.o.v driver. Jeep stationery and lion jumps on it. Men stroking and feeding lions. Jeep driving off with lioness on the bonnet. African plain. Men and women of tribe. Snow covered Kilimanjaro. Climbers, men hiking on snow. At the summit the men sit with U.S. flag. Kilimanjaro with silhouette of giraffe in foreground.

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