Film: 6320

Art + Architecture | 1950 | Sound | Colour

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A brief view of Barbara Hepworth at work, but mostly images of her sculptures and drawings. Hardly any commentary at all.

Close up of Barbara Hepworth's head; she is in her fifties(?); she has brown hair tied back in a bun; she is outside, with trees behind, probably at her home in St Ives, Cornwall; she is hammering at something unseen. Close up of her hands, one holding a hammer and the other a chisel; she hammers the chisel and is chiselling a large wooden sculpture (only part of which is visible) with a large hole in the middle. Close up of Barbara Hepworth in profile as she polishes a sculpture with a yellow cloth; she steadies the sculpture with her other hand; the sculpture (a large, dark, wooden piece, full of curves) is only partially seen and stands outside; there is a glasshouse in the background. More distant view of Barbara polishing the piece; she is standing in tropical gardens, with a large hot house in the background; nearby is another sculpture (a large piece of stone set within two metal hoops); the piece she is polishing (dark wood, curved with holes) is raised up on a stone plinth and is almost as tall as Barbara; she is wearing orange trousers and a brown shirt.

Close up of another sculpture set in a tropical garden; it is a tall, narrow piece in a light-coloured wood; what looks like threads are stretched between the top and bottom of the piece and are channelled through a small hole in the middle of the sculpture so that the threads make two fan shapes; a large net of rope? is suspended in the air between the sculpture and an (unseen) support; behind the sculpture is a hedge.

A tall wooden sculpture (the colour of cherry wood) stands on a plinth; it appears to be one piece of wood at the bottom, but then seems to be split into two separate pieces (or it may simply be a large hole down its middle); it is curved, narrow and elegant; nearby is a tree; in the background is the St Ives in Cornwall, coastline, the roofs of houses and the church tower.

A view of different sculptures set in the same garden, with an English church tower in the background; one sculpture is in a cherry-coloured wood but with half painted white; this is simpler and more angular than the wooden sculptures already seen; it has a single round hole through it; another sculpture, in the background, appears to be an oval piece of stone, with a large oval hole through it.

Barbara sits in a garden drawing on a large board which she rests between her knees and a garden table; nearby are two near-identical wooden sculptures on a tall cement plinth; they are of light-coloured wood, partly painted white, and of an elongated, tall oval shape, with two holes in each.

Close up of part of a small wooden sculpture, with part of the wood carved out and, in that part, painted white; six threads are held, in a fan shape, between the top and bottom of the piece; Barbara's profile is seen as a shadow on the white part of the sculpture.

Close up of fanned threads on the white part of a similarly-coloured sculpture; Barbara's fingers run along the threads, feeling them. Two sculptures on a similar theme (natural wood, white painted areas and fanned threads) but of different shapes (one tall and one rounded) are set against a plain, bluish background; the camera zooms in on the rounded piece. Another view of the same piece and another of the same piece.

Close up of a piece on the same theme but more pear-shaped, set against a blue background; another piece, on a similar theme, but more rounded. Close-up of the same piece, turning so that it is seen from different angles. Another piece on the same theme, with too obvious threads and in the shape of a half- peeled apple with its centre removed; the camera zooms into the centre and we see through the hole in the centre and beyond to more sculptures in the plain gallery; one is small and white; the other is longer, white, curved, with a heart- shaped hole cut out of the centre, with thread fanned across.

Close-up of the last piece, zooming into the black cut-out centre , looking through the red thread; then zooming out again; there is a large geometrical black and white drawing in the background. A shot of the drawing above (circles and triangles with dissecting straight lines). Another geometrical drawing of three black and white circular shapes (one with a yellow area).

Close-up of a sculpture, curved, in cherry- coloured wood, with several fanned threads; the black, white and yellow drawing is in the background. Close-up of the same(?) sculpture turning so that it is seen from different angles. Two cherry- coloured wooden sculptures, one large, one small, shaped a little like strange bowls, and threaded, and set against a blue background. Close-up of the inside of the same large sculpture, with many threads stretched taut across it. More distant view of same sculpture; another similar sculpture. Another sculpture in similar wood, with strangely- shaped holes cut through its middle and painted white, turning so that it is seen from various angles. A more distant view of the same piece, showing that its overall shape is egg-like, turning to be seen from different angles. Close-up of the same piece, turning. Looking through holes in the same piece, to a pair of tall, elongated oval- shape sculptures in dark wood; curved, elegant; one is threaded, against a blue background. The camera zooms in on the two pieces, and then on the threaded hole in the smaller piece.

Beyond the threads an ink or pencil drawing of a nude young woman standing, with long flowing hair, appears. Close-up of the drawing (now without the threads in the foreground), showing the woman's feet and legs. The camera moves up her body and stops on her face, which is stylised and haunting. Drawing of several nude women, one drawn from behind, one from the front, one from the side; all are standing and have long, straight hair.

Close-up of a drawing of face of a young woman, with stylised features. Drawing of the profiles of a young woman, in the same style. Wider view of the same drawing or painting, showing two nude young women reclining. A drawing of geometrical shapes (rather like a piece of origami) in black and white, with a yellow area. A white stone sculpture, curved, simple and flowing, against a blue background. The stone piece, set amongst many pieces on the same theme, but mostly much taller and thinner. Another view of the same pieces. Close-up of the same.

Two similar pieces, standing alone; a stone, bowl-like sculpture is placed nearby. Close-up of a white swirl in a stone- or wooden sculpture. Drawing or painting of a geometrical design, outlined in black and with one yellow area; as the camera moves down the drawing, there is another coloured area (of orange); it is a very tall drawing.

Close-up of a cherry- wood coloured, wooden, curved and tall sculpture; a narrow but long hole has been carved through the middle. View of the same piece, set against a white wall, with the shadow of a tree playing on the wall. The sculpture disappears and the shadow remains.

A large drawing/painting of four tall geometric shapes (like origami) in black and white, with a bluish background. Another view of the group of white, stone, tall, carved pieces shown earlier. A different view of the same, zooming into the middle of the group. Another distant view of the same group. As the camera zooms out, the group is in one corner of the screen and the title is seen coming in over most of the screen; titles.

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