Film: 6322

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Cambridge. Amateur home movie.
Wide shot of a cricket match on a large pitch. The teams are dressed formally in their whites. The camera is in the crowd and looks over the heads of the other spectators. Shot of a large formal building with an immaculate lawn laid out to the front. Three women (two wearing hats) stand and chat. General views of Cambridge: the river with punts, rowing boats and people sitting and walking along the banks. Large weeping willows over-hang the water. Shots of old buildings and colleges, people walk in front of them. Great Court of Trinity College. Rowing teams practise on the river (coxed eights), and move quickly round a bend in the water. They float near the banks (a wide shot from the other side of the water) and spectators gather round. Further shots of teams rowing fast - with their backs to the camera.

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