Film: 6331

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Man and girl watch car go by. Man tries to start car with crank. Takes his jacket off. Big man tries to start car. Girl beckons. Girl talks to Charlie on a bench. He moves to make room for her, but she does not sit. They look into the distance. She walks away, Charlie follows. Hangs cane from top pocket. Bearded man takes flick knife and stabs Charlie in the backside. Chases Charlie off. Charlie makes himself presentable to girl, accidentally touches her backside with cane, she jumps. He raises hat. Two men still try to start car, one mops his face with handkerchief. Charlie plays trick on girl, pretends to find hair on her dress and looks at it in air, uses this as an excuse to get arm round her shoulder. She slaps him. She is very prim and proper. Large man fails to start car and falls over, other secretly laughts and slaps his knee. Charlie raises his hat, but lifts girls skirt with cane. He talks too closely to her, she slaps him. Large man shakes Charlie hard. Two men still try to crank car, one at the controls, one at front. It starts. Men drive off leaving Charlie and girl. Charlie rests on her shoulder, she removes his arm. Cop sees what is going on and stands behind Charlie with truncheon. Girl now smiles. Cop chases Charlie. They run round a bush. Charlie sticks pin in cops backside. During chase Charlie raises hat to girl. She calls 'help', two men in car stop, large man gets out and they shake hands. Man sits next to woman knitting on park bench. Cop chases Charlie. Charlie backs into bearded man who has gun in hands. Cop hits hearded man on head with truncheon. Charlie hides in bush. Man on bench tweaks woman's nose. She slaps him and he hits head on tree. She kicks his backside. She talks to cop. Large man runs away. Man and bearded man wrestle. Policeman trucheons bearded man on head who then pulls out knife. Two women sit on bench and talk. "They get acquainted". Charlie sits next to ugly woman, he is her husband. He is introduced to pretty girl. He collapses, keeps women apart and shoos wife away. He puts hand over girls mouth and kicks her onto bench. She throws up hands, large man hides in bush, cop stands next to bush. Cop chases Charlie. Man emerges from bush. Cop hides in bush, Charlie pulls him over with cane and runs away. Man and woman argue. "Meet my husband". Woman points when sees it is man who tweaked her nose. Couple walk away. Cop stalks them, and rubs his hands. Charlie and big man hide together, mop brows. Cop sneaks up and truncheons them over the head. He arrests them and leads them to women on bench. Charlie raises his hand as he walks backwards. One of Charlie's trouser legs is very short.

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