Film: 6337

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. A film about Nurnberg, Nuremberg, Nuremburg. Town in Bavaria, Germany.
Intertitle: "A stop-over at Nurnberg. A peep at its picturesque market place and old world streets."
Brief shot of an ornate fountain on a wide shopping street, or perhaps in a square. It has three tiers with statues or figures on each level. A woman sits by her flower stall. Striped parasols or sun umbrellas can be seen behind her, and the fountain is in the background. People mill around, walking out of shops and across the street. The market place is busy as customers look at stalls and the goods that there are to buy.
Tall buildings line the streets around the market. A man and a woman stall holder shift boxes and sacks of fruit and vegetables. People stand and chat and look at the stalls.
A woman (Mrs Bassett-Lowke) sits at a small round pedestal table outside a house. Another woman and a man (who is smoking) stand nearby.
Shot of a building spanning a river or water way. Two men balance in a small punt. Shots of further buildings on the water's edge. General street scenes - people walking, bicycling and various road vehicles.
Intertitle: "The Stadium. A modern development, constructed by unemployed labour."
Shots of people sitting at picnic or cafe tables, overlooking a sports ground. Groups of people play various ball games (quite difficult to distinguish what) on an open field. A man stands on a spring-board by an outdoor swimming pool or lido. Shots of the arena style seating around the empty stadium, overlooking the athletics track. There is a football pitch in the middle.
People with baggage - suitcases and luggage - congregate on a railway platform. Shot of two men - one has a smoking pipe. A woman holds a paper bag, her handbag under her arm, clutching a pair of white gloves.

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