Film: 634

Canals + Waterways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A record of the Regent's Canal in London made first in 1924

includes scenes of the London, Tilbury and Southend railway passing over the canal; Kings Cross station; St Pancras station; and the canal being crossed by the railway outside Euston and St Pancras stations.
The journey starts on the Regents' Canal at Limehouse in the East End where there are various sailing ships moored. The barge has a load of coal and behind it you can see the first lock. Men are pushing the barge through the tunnel with help of the capstan. The horse is on the towpath - not needed at the moment. Gardens and wharves of East London are seen from the barge and then under a road tunnel (Mile End Road) with horse now pulling the barge. Shots of open top buses and vans are going up and down the road. Exterior of Stepney Green tube station and tram goes past. Shot of the barge coming into a lock from the tow path. Water pours into it.
Now in Whitechapel High Street - busy with trams and pedestrians. Back on the canal the barge makes slow progress. Bridge in background with train going over. Go past a small bridge which spans the Hertford union Canal. Shots of industrial landscape and then another lock at Old Ford. Along the canal lots of gardens down to the water with small picket fences. Policeman walks along the towpath. Along to Acton's Lock at London Fields - people in very quiet high street, 2 ladies pushing a pram. Barge is pulled along and then moored.

Now shots of Hackney with carts and vans and a sign in background saying Matthew Rose and sons. Man sits on top of barge and goes under a tunnel, shots of the bargee steering the barge. The barge is seen with steam coming from it out of Islington tunnel. Now filming from a different barge with bridge in background and bus going over. Go past King's Cross Station with panning shot from station to Pentonville Road and under the Midland at St Pancras. Shots of passengers leaving the station.
The barge carries on its way under some metal tunnels to the lock at Kentish Town which looks quite steep.
Two ladies shopping in Kentish Town Road and other pedestrians with tram in the background. Shots of the Lock Keeper's alpine chalet with some of his family.
Another lock, the 12th since leaving Limehouse at Camden Lock. The road nearby, Camden High Street with a tram going past. Then the horse pulls the barge along. Going under the old North and North Western Main Line. Now the canal look tranquil with a Georgian house on one side.
It's now reached Regent's Park with a pedestrian bridge overhead made of wrought iron.
Another bridge by the zoo with lots of onlookers watching. More shots through the park with the bargee steering and smoking pipe. Under a tunnel and then through a longer one where the bargee has to do the work himself. Arrives at Paddington Basin with panning shot of canal and lots of barges moored up.

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