Film: 6343

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Scenes of Dorset, South of England including Neolithic remains such as Ninestones, Roman ruins at Dorchester, the quarries on the Isle of Portland, Chesil Beach, the swannery at Abbotsbury, Swanage, Corfe Castle, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, Tolpuddle, home to the Tolpuddle Martyrs, Clouds Hill, home to Lawrence of Arabia.

Small Dorset village, not very clear. Dorset coastline, tall cliffs, sea at edge of cliffs. Rural countryside, two people walking. Large farm in valley.

Two large stones, said to be from Neolithic times. Stone Dolman, large stone resting as roof on other stones. Dolman, called "the Hellstone".. The Hellstone Dolman. The "Ninestones" at Winterbourne Abbas, small iron fenced enclosure with small and large stones. Sign marking the nine stones at Winterbourne Abbas. Two small stones, part of the ninestones, flanked by trees. Ninestones, panning from one stone across to another within fenced enclosure. Angle Stone.

Roman villa near Dorchester, ruins of hypocaust or heating system and ruined walls. Fire from Roman villa, used to heat the floors, hypocaust system of central heating. Ruins of Roman villa, hypocaust system. Roman villa ruins of hypocaust system. Ruins from Roman villa.

Coastline of the Isle of Portland, sea at base of rocks. Limestone quarry on Isle of Portland. Limestone quarry on the edge of Portland, worked out quarry, rubble. Portland roads, naval harbour seen from above. Close up of harbour defences made from Portland stone. Portland Bill lighthouse next to rocks. Portland Bill lighthouse seen from below rocks, waves splashing at edges. Hope Cove, half moon shaped beach seen from the ruins of Rufus Castle. Vista of Chesil Beach, large stretch of sandy beach. Chesil Beach looking along the beach. Aerial view of Chesil Beach. View of Chesil Beach in the distance. St Catherine's Church, standing on top of a hill, a cow grazing on grass in the foreground. St Catherine's Church near Abbotsbury. Close-up of many swans floating on water. Swans swimming on lake. Old monastic barn at Abbotsbury. Monastic Barn at Abbotsbury. Swanage with the old mill pond.

Old stone houses at Swanage, next to mill pond. Row of 1950's council houses, housing estate made from Purbeck stone. Semi- detached council house made from Purbeck stone. Man working at Purbeck stone quarry. Man working at Purbeck stone quarry. Man cutting stone by hand at Purbeck stone quarry. Man cutting stone into slabs outside workshop. Close up of man cutting stones into slabs. Close-up of mason, stone quarrier carving blocks of stone. Corfe village seen from Corfe Castle. The Fox Inn, Public House in Corfe, in row of old stone houses. The hall, opposite the Fox Inn. Quarry man at door of Fox Inn, holding loaf of bread and bottle of beer, flanked by two women, to join guild he has to cross street into the hall. Man looks perturbed as he stands at Fox Inn doorway holding bread and beer. Man rushes out head down and is pounced on by the other quarrymen. The quarrymen fight and form a scrum in the street. Quarrymen holding down man in street. One quarryman drinks beer before bottle is grabbed by others. Men grappling with each other. Men grappling and fighting. The old lock-up at Swanage, small stone gaol. Stone sign above the door of the old lock-up form 1803.

Arch commemorating the Tolpuddle Martyrs, in Tolpuddle. Carved stone arch etched with words "Tolpuddle Martyrs". Memorial to Tolpuddle Martyrs on arch outside the Methodist Church, unveiled by the late Arthur Henderson. Cottage where Tolpuddle Martyrs hold their meetings, lived in by Thomas Stansfield, one of the martyrs. Sign on cottages commemorating the martyrs from the Trades Union Congress. Six terraced cottages erected by the TUC in memory of the martyrs. Grave of James Hammett, the only Tolpuddle martyr to return to Britain.

National Trust sign for Clouds Hill, T E Lawrence's Cottage. Exterior of Clouds Hill. Door with Greek inscription on lintel, at Clouds Hill. Globe of Portland stone cut by George Burt, standing on Durlestone Head. Globe on Durlestone Head. Globe on Durlestone Head. Slabs giving information on the earth moon, sun and stars at the Glove on Durlestone Head. Stone slab specifically for graffiti. Customs House at Lyme Regis. Rates sign outside Customs house at Lyme Regis. Boats moored at Lyme Regis, town in background. The Cobb at Lyme Regis. Corfe Castle, ruins of old stone castle. Ruins of Corfe Castle on mound, village clustered round bottom. Castle walls and ruined tower of Corfe Castle. Ruined tower at Corfe Castle. Ruins of Corfe Castle.

Lulworth Castle, ruined Jacobean mansion with church. Frontal view of Lulworth Castle. Towers of Lulworth Castle next to parkland. Catholic chapel in grounds of Lulworth Castle, built in the form of a temple. Lulworth castle Catholic Chapel, the first Roman Catholic chapel to be built openly since the Reformation. Cross on porch leading into chapel. Lulworth Castle Catholic chapel next to parkland.

Lulworth Cove. Lulworth Cove, steep cliffs and small beach. Edge of Lulworth Cove, showing sea beyond. Basin in Lulworth Cove. Fishing boats pulled up on the beach. Small village perched on cliff, small fishing boats pulled up on beach. Fishing boats pulled up on beach. Sign for "The Lobster Bar". Lulworth Village, small flint houses. Lulworth Village. Durdle Door arch, not very clear view, with sea in background. Durdle Door arch. Close up of Durdle Door. Side view of Durdle Door. Coast of Dorset, limestone cliffs and beaches. Coast of Dorset, sea and limestone cliffs. Small boat rowing out to sea. Dorset coastline, sea and cliffs. Dorset coastline, caravans parked on edge of cliff. Dorset rural scene.

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