Film: 6351

Sport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Various shots of early skiing as a leisure activity. Some good crashes and sport 'bloopers'.
Snow covered mountain. Roads being cleared of snow that is two to three metres thick. Steam train snow plough clearing snow from tracks. American holiday makers with ski equipment boarding train. Skiers as passengers on train (internal shot of carriage). Steam train in snowscape. Skiers (women) waxing their wooden skis on the train. Mountain. People with skis on their shoulders at a train station. Men waxing skis on slopes. Men walking up slopes with skis on shoulders. Close up of boots being attached to skis. Group ascending with skis on. Primitive ski lift (a rope which drags the skier up the slope). Skiing from mountain top. Man crashes, and again. Commentary tells us its 'fun' to take a few 'spills'. Attempting jumps and falling. Experienced skiers jumping and parallel skiing. Horses pulling skiers over ramps. Woman being pulled along in bathing suit / swim wear while it is snowing. Skiers being towed behind car. Skiers with wings attached to their outstretched arms, they all fall, crash. Austria, Europe, troops ascending slopes in skis. Machine gun on skis. Other European soldiers with rucksacks on skis. Export amateurs climbing on skis and then descending quickly. Line of skiers pass over the head of the camera man. Fast traversing on steep slope. Jump over two cars. Ski jumping, crashing, 'It's a game for men'. One jumper falls badly and looks to be unconscious if not dead. Crowd applauding. Jumper that has made it crashes into straw barrier, amusing. Another slips after surviving the jump, amusing.

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