Film: 6357

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie.
Singapore, south East Asia, boats in harbour, vary in size from small sampan to large, ocean going liner. rickshaw lined up along harbour side. Sampans in water. Rickshaw shot from above. Rows of parked cars in a square in Singapore. Pans across to show cars entering square. Boys propelling boat through use of single oar at its rear. Shots of boats of different sizes being rowed by men. Moored junks. Raffles Hotel, Singapore (very dark). Woman (European) getting into car. On the boarding plank of S.S.Morea. White people posing for camera. Farewells, hands shaken, kisses exchanged. Man on quayside shot from high above on board the Morea. The ship's wake. Woman holding life belt / preserver with Morea written on it (Sea in background). Captain on the ship's bridge. The lifeboats of the Morea. Men cleaning the boat's walls. Man in pith helmet descending stairs. Woman at ship's wheel, she yells . Hong Kong, British Crown Colony (not for long) south East Asia, harbour. Fantastic Chinese style boats/junks under sail goes by on calm waters. Hong Kong harbour from the sea, junks float in front of the entrance of the bay. Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, beach with very calm sea (shot from above and at a distance). Woman in swimwear on beach. People on beach in swimming costumes. Chinese beach huts with thatched roofs. Three men on a motorbike on a beach. Three children in swimwear with adults. Children tipping water from large bucket into smaller one. Leapfrog. Baby with sun hat in women's arms. The entire group with inflatable camel in foreground. (All still in swimsuits). Hong Kong street scenes, Sheikh policeman, grand street with high buildings and parked cars. Policeman in pith helmet and shorts. A crowded street with shop awnings, rickshaws and people, signs with Chinese writing. Procession through street, flags, banners. Men carrying fruit and chickens on poles on shoulders. Policeman directing traffic. Junks, people eating. Palanquin / Palke / Sedan chair being carried through street.

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