Film: 6359

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. India, Afghanistan, Asia 1930's
Low viaduct. Horse-drawn cart. Surkamerbridge. Scenery: forts, villages, snow-capped mountains. Landikotol: camel caravanserai, caravan from Kurdistan. Post Office. Local people seated on the ground. British sentry with rifle and pith helmet. Afghanistan. Wayram, Singh, Bhogat, Singh in Peshawar. Market, open air barbers. Railway train ride to Delhi. Viaduct. Attock Imperial Delhi, fort, motor car. Tomb of Safsdor-Jung. Kutab Minar, iron pillar and tower. Archaeology, Muslim women. Chadni Chowk of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. Coronation Hotel. Donkey loaded with bedding piled high with child on top, pot sellers, materials sellers, type of sedan chair, cattle. Akbar's Fort. Pots on women's heads in street scenes. Juma Musjid, largest Mosque in India. Inside fort, intricate screen. Kashmir Gate. The Dhobi, beating washing, wringing washing, lines of washing. Agra. Ekkacarts. Tomb of Ismet-Ut-Dowlah. Fatipusikra. Agra Fort. Pith Helmets, and Westerners wearing them.

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