Film: 6361

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of Bombay bazaars: Kackaria Musjid, Chuckla, Pydoni and others. 1930's
Street scenes in Bombay, India, carrying on heads, smartly dressed people. Mostly men, wearing suits or long flowing vests, some carry large baskets on their heads. Horse drawn taxis? Drive through the market, the men were fezzes. The market is one crooked street, awnings cover the sides of the road, A woman in a sari walks through the crowds balancing a jar on her head. Minarets, closer shot of people walking back and forth on the street. Black umbrellas used as sunshades by locals, a large building with minarets and towers. People in Fezzes, Arabs. Pigeons in the middle of the street. Customers walk through the market looking at produce. An automobile drives through the bazaar, behind a woman carrying a baby on her hip. A water carrier with very skinny legs, walks on the pavement with a yoke over his shoulders. Locals with black umbrellas walk beside the open shops on the pavement. The five or six story houses line the crooked street, lots of people on the move. Aboard SS. Vasna ( Uasna?), Bushire, Persia, (Iran). Persians on ship, looking down on them from the upper deck, they are interested in the boat and point up wards, looking at the masts? Or line the rails looking out. Mrs. Stockland on the top deck in her cloche hat. People unload goods onto a local dhow, pulled along side. Local dhow beside the ship. People boarding ship in a great hurry from the dhow, running up the stairs, look like they are wearing French legion hats. Men help the women up the stairs. A dhow under full sail.
Baghdad, Iraq. Arch of Ctesiphon. Remains of Balthazar's Palace. English tourist with the locals, very British Empire, pith helmets etc. A local girl on the back of a donkey, led by her father with the British smiling. Flat roofed buildings, minaret. Mrs Stockland looking shy moves nervously in front of the camera. Four locals with Mr. Stockland, they all wear traditional Iraqi dress with turbans and long robes with suit jackets over top, one of them smokes a cigarette. A very dodgy looking character leans against a wall, possibly wearing a camel hair hat. A view of a wide street, several women go by, one with short skirts, another completely wrapped up aside from the eyes. One woman has a screen in front of her face. donkey. A close up of a man's face, he wears a turban. Arabs posing with cameraman. Bazaars - general scenes and native types. A good shot of a close quarters bazaar in a narrow street, the sun shines through the buildings beside. A porter carries a huge box on his back. Maude Bridge - pontoon over river, dating from World War One made by General Maude. Porters bring goods up from the river, people are seen in the distance going across the bridge, one cart goes across as well. Jostling, vehicles, carts, most on foot, one navvy with a huge bail of ? Cotton possibly on his back. Narrow alleyways. Overhanging first floor windows. Two men sit under and awning and have coffee, looking interestedly over at the camera. Close up of Basra, Iraq - general scene, river. The port, many people on the boats in the river. The dome of the mosque behind in the walls of the temple. Very dark outdoor bazaar. A better picture of men looking through the goods on sale, in the centre and around the edges of the bazaar. Date gardens and camel caravan. A boat in a narrow river, date trees surround it, a man gets out and walks into the date plantation. A camel caravan walks through the date palms. Mrs Stockland pets a donkey it seems to like her and follows her, the owners holding onto it. A man loads his donkey's panniers with grain, it wanders a little eating the meagre grazing. Zobeir - walled desert city. Arab smoking shisha pipe. Natives carrying farm produce on back. Interesting headwear.

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