Film: 6379

Places + Locations | 1920 | Sound | B/W


The nomad bedouin Bakhtyari tribe from Turkey 1920's
People loading up a small raft with folded up tents. Young donkeys, children. Three rafts are ready to launch and cross the River Karum. Men are rowing the rafts, trying to manoeuvre against the strong current. Men on the land encourage the horses, donkeys and cows to cross the river. Some individuals are crossing on an inflated goatskin. the shepherds whipping the sheep to also cross the waters, the sheep inside the river swim in a herd. Now the goats, some kids are riding on donkeys inside the water. All get carried away with the strong current. two fast rowing men on a raft. The shepherds are floating on an inflated goatskin, to try and keep the herd together. Some sheep swirl down into death. A man saves the lives of two goats before they drown. Arriving at the other side, horses rising from the water. Some men and kids are already on the opposite land.

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