Film: 638

Aviation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Film starts with shot of airship in sky from aboard a naval craft. Then a ground shot from behind airship moving slowly over countryside. Possibly R101 1930's

Next clip shows airship in sky from a frontal position on the ground. As airship approaches and is almost overhead, camera angle changes to a side-on shot. Whole length of airship passes. Camera changes to a longer shot of airship moving away, before ground reverse shot appearsagain. Close-up of backend of airship, and sign saying 'NO SMOKING' can be seen. Another shot of airship moving away. Again it is probably the R101.

Next clip shows workman on ladder painting numbers and letters on side of airship, ZA-1. Cut to interior shot of women fixing canvass to frame of the zeppelin. A closer reverse shot reveals the women all standing on trestles. Naturally, men appear to be supervising. Cut to front of airship with its unfinished point and scaffolding alongside.

Next clip shows a number of men in assorted overalls and uniforms, standing outside entrance to a hangar posing for camera. Airship is shown being moved out of hangar. Next we see airship hovering just above the ground, then cuts towreckage in water. Men in rowing boat circle remains. Framework of airship sticks out of water. Posed shot of uniformed men, probably crew of airship, for camera. Cut to wreckage again in the water.

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