Film: 6380

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Events of 1940, mainly World War Two in Europe.
Norway. Holland falls with departure of Queen Wilhelmina. Belgian families fleeing invadors. King Leopold surrender. Dunkirk. French surrender to Germans at Compiegne. Battle Of Britain, Italy enters war - mass crowds gathered. Britain bombards Somaliland with ships firing mainland. General De Gaulle. London ablaze. Blitz, singing in Underground tube station. Fireman extracts dummy from rubble. Hitlers head on a dummy. King and Queen inspect damage at Buckingham Palace. St Pauls. Disgarded metal from fallen Nazi planes. Winston Churchill. United States begins re-arming, display of weapons. Peacetime draft. Conscription lottery. Franklin Roosevelt begins third term as President with ticker tape parade. Brief shot of White House.

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