Film: 6382

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


a family Christmas 1940's

Girl and boy being put to bed by their mother. They discuss when Santa will be coming and the presents they expect to receive. Mother tells them that they will not receive them all. Mother and father are in the living room. In the meantime the boy and girl are in bed with their bed-side lamp still on discussing their presents. They finally conclude that if Santa is so poor this Christmas it would be good idea if they could give him one for change. We see the boy and girl in their pyjamas both holding toys, maybe last years presents, broken doll and broken truck. Mum come to check on them and they quickly jump back into bed. Their parents enter the room with some hot chocolate. Instead of drinking it children take their hot chocolate downstairs for Santa who later finds it and drinks it. He then looks at their Christmas lists and glances into his sack. The scene then goes to Christmas day where we see children getting up. There are wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Girl picks up doll. Children go to mantelpiece where they find puppy in stocking. Mother and father enter room in their dressing gowns.

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