Film: 6385

Dance | 1970 | Mute | B/W


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History of Ragtime, loads of good dancing from 1890s to 1940s. Black and white dancers 1970's
Man conducts band (open air). Large audience. Fairground rides blur past camera. Toy monkey's eyes move. Stills of black bands and musicians from 1900's.
1970's black band plays tubas and marches.
1910's clip of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Short dance sequence - 'Cakewalk'. 1890s shot of blacks dressed in dinner suits doing Cakewalk. Man holds hat in air. Men and women link arms and promenade. Dance mimics whites dancing. Men have top hats and canes. 1910's whites on beach do Cakewalk - dance mimicking blacks mimicking whites. Paddle on foreshore. Man throws woman over shoulder. Couple fall over.
Mississippi boat. 1970's musicians. Ragtime or rag time or even ragtime.
1910's bathers paddling in sea.
1970's drinks-waiter's hand pours soda from soda-fountain into glass.
1910's couple do Ragtime dance. Whites. White women in 1910's changing-room. Put on clothes.
1970's trombonist and clarinettist.
1920's Ragtime, Charleston, Jazz-type tap-dance. Women wear white baggy blouses, black shorts, shoe-lace ties, potted plant in background. 1920's open air massed dance jazz (dance marathon). Couples promenade in competition, escorted by Police. Men wear sashes with words, 'Mack Sennett Comedies'. Modern man plays wind instrument.
Late-1920's couples do jazz dancing, smartly dressed. Wilder form of dancing - women throw themselves about. White woman dances in 1920's - band with trombones, black banjo-player in a Father Christmas costume. Josephine Baker with drummer on bongos she dances wearing a skirt with 'bananas' on it. Swapping hands from knee to knee. Whites at ball do jazz dancing.
Modern double-bassist plucks at strings.
Josephine Baker twirls around, another shot of her in her banana skirt.
1970's drummer.
Close-up 1920's couple on dance floor. He whispers in her ear. 1900's: two white men talk in street, one holding newspaper. Shoeblacks clean shoes in streets. Black couples dance in 1930's or 1940s on dance floor of nightclub, jazz.
1970's string ensemble. Song sheets for 'Turkey Trot', 'Navajo Rag' and other rags: 'Rag-time Cowboy'; Alexander's Rag-time band. 1970's Disneyland; big puppets, including Statue of Liberty.
1930's shot of black woman blowing on '78 record and putting it on turntable. Close-up of hands starting record.
Disneyland. Goofy (70s).
White couple listen to record on gramophone (reconstruction of around 1920). She eats chocolates from box on her lap.
Close-ups of old black men's faces. In bar, two old white women with half-pints Circa 1930. 1900's smart women in smart dresses with parasols by their sides. White band marches, 1900's. C.1900 New York city, elevated railway, trams, horse-drawn carts, steam train. Crowded bar (feature clip 1920's), dancing in couples.

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