Film: 6391

Medicine | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The Great Influenza epidemic of 1919. Spanish influenza outbreak - Spanish flu or bird flu or avian flu 1910's

Influenza warning film about using your handkerchief and not sneezing on everyone else.
Two men talk in street. One smokes, other sneezes and looks unwell. Horse and covered cart pass in background. Caption tells us that "Jones" should not have associated with "Brown". Brief shots of Dr. Wise talking to camera. Brown gets in back of bus, Jones climbs external stairs. Brown sits in his office and sneezes. He wipes his nose. Man approaches him with paperwork. Brown sneezes repeatedly. "Several hours later" woman holds handkerchief to her nose. Brown now looks very poorly. He and the other four staff leave the room.
Caption tells us he should have avoided "indoor assemblies".

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