Film: 6396

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Quirk of Fate 1909 with Blanche Sweet for Biograph Pictures - high melodrama

"Ladies Buy a duster and look snappy while driving", advertising slide. " men Get Celluloid collars" another advertising slide.

Woman tries to placate her obviously drunk husband as he slumps against the dining room table in a typical Victorian parlour of upper working class as the bedstead is also in the room, husband gets more violent and raises his fist to his now weeping wife, more gestures and he storms out. In the bar, husband is now happy, he empties a bottle. Back at home, wife makes a momentous decision, she's leaving her husband. She gathers up her little girl and heads out the door. Exhausted, she collapses on a hayrick. In a state of shock, she then wanders off leaving the girl. A farmer arrives and spears the haystack with his pitchfork and is surprised to find the little girl. The farmer brings the girl home and the farmers wife cuddles her.
Intertitle "Twenty years later" The farmer and his wife are at the table and Blanche Sweet, now all grown up, brings home her young man and announces her engagement to the delight of the family. A poor woman now begs at the door of the farmer and the maid brings her in. She sees the picture of her lost child, the maid shows her a shawl the child came with, she gets very over excited and pursues the child who going to be married. In church, bride and groom approach the altar, the vicar raises his arm to ask if anyone has any objections, the woman arrives just in time to find her husband nearly marrying his own daughter !! What a drama! Oh the emotions, she collapses and is embraced by her ex-husband, the daughter cries on the shoulder of her adopted mother.
"Goodnight" slide

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