Film: 640

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Mack Sennett compilation comedy.
Angry man hits car and it collapses. He gets broom and sweeps car up and into sewer. Keystone cops get into car. Woman on pier shoots gun. Charlie Chaplin looks worried. Mad antics, woman is hit into sea. Cars drive on pier. Man sits in back of car whilst other man changes tyre. Woman talks to dog. At banquet, man eats soup, waiter stands behind him. Man fills can with liquid. Can has hidden hose at bottom. Other man lassoos his foot. Woman looks aghast. Man climbs outside of building. Man swings punch at man in underclothes in bedroom who ducks and he hits woman. He is thrown out of room and his clothes after him. Two men circle each other in room. Woman and cops. Man puts jug in pillow case and knocks other man out. Triumphant, he puts his foot on his chest. Men wrestle. Embarrassed man juggles with hat. Tosses hat onto his head. Joke boxing match - one man dizzy, other cool and smoking and dancing. Man beats carpet on line. Uses carpet beater to rope in maid and kisses her. Blindfolded man runs around tree, other man falls in bucket, very thin man hides behind thin post. Angler leans from tree over river. Baby in high chair pokes father with spoon and throws food at man. Car chase and tandem bike. Posh men dressed up. Waiter thrown out of party.

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