Film: 6400

Fashion | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Men and Women of Beauty and Fashion 1960's

Beauty Contest for Miss World. The winner, Ann Sidney is crowned and walks towards cameramen. Mr Universe Competition, men on a stage flexing their muscles and posing. Fashion on the streets and on the catwalk of a fashion show. Beauty parlour with beauty treatments of sunbed, leg waxing, face mask, body mask and vibrating machine. Rugby match with lots of fouls, one player loses his shorts. Bullfighting. Bunny girls. Mother, a housewife, gets children their breakfast, washes up the dishes, does the clothes washing at the launderette, hangs the washing on the line, ironing, going shopping at the supermarket. Dress making at home. Doing housework. Fans screaming at a Rolling Stones pop concert, lots of screaming girls as Mick Jagger dances.

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